It manifests itself with a passion for nature, interest in the natural environment. It is the ability to recognize and categorize the world of plants, animals and other natural objects. People who are dominated by this type of intelligence are curious about the world, "understand the language" of animals, like to be outdoors, like to experiment and experience themselves, they are often interested in ecology. They skilfully classify objects in a hierarchy, they notice dependencies and patterns in nature. They are keen on observing, recognizing and studying the world of plants and animals. They are fascinated by the surroundings, they eagerly collect natural specimens, albums, films or books about nature. They are interested in natural, physical and chemical phenomena. They are happy to get involved in taking care of the animals or garden. They like to relax in the bosom of nature.

If you are a person who is dominated by naturalist intelligence, many of the following statements apply to you:

you are curious about the world that surrounds you
you like to be outdoors, relax in the bosom of nature
you like to experiment, experience, carry out experiments yourself
you are interested in ecology, you understand the problems of the modern world
you easily classify objects in a hierarchy
you can easily see dependencies and patterns in nature
you observe, recognize and "understand" the world of plants and animals
you are fascinated by the surrounding world of nature
you collect nature specimens
you collect or eagerly use albums, paintings, films or books about nature
you are interested in natural, physical and chemical phenomena
you take care of an animal, plant, you are the owner / breeder of an animal / plant