It is an auditory ability, sensitivity to sounds, rhymes and compositions, the ability to perceive and create music. It reveals itself in the understanding of the world through rhythm and melody. People who are dominated by musical intelligence combine music with emotions and their own mood, have a sense of rhythm, easily remember rhythms and rhymes, like singing and listening to music, willingly learn with music, “change” everything they do into music. They are sensitive to all kinds of sounds, including ambient ones. They have a good musical ear. They often play or try to play instruments, have their favourite songs. Music is important to them.

If you are a person who is dominated by musical intelligence, many of the following statements apply to you:

you combine music with emotions and your own mood

you have a sense of rhythm, you can easily remember rhythms and melodies

you like to learn with music

you “change” everything you do into music

you are sensitive to all sounds, especially fake ones

you have a good musical ear

you like listening to music

you have your favourite songs, melodies or you like many types of music

you like humming, murmuring, singing during various activities or when you are alone

you "compose" melodies yourself

you play or try to play a musical instrument

you like to extract sounds from various objects, so-called non-musical ones

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