It is the ability to communicate, sensitivity to the needs of others, empathy, the ability to empathize, to look at the world from the point of view of another person. It is also the ability to solve conflicts, negotiate and work out compromises. People who are dominated by interpersonal intelligence easily establish social contacts, have leadership skills (leader qualities), like and are able to cooperate in a team, are communicative, they can listen to others. They are liked and surrounded by a group of friends and acquaintances. They care for good relations with other people, get into the situations and problems of others, but also maintain assertiveness in confrontation.

If you are a person who is dominated by interpersonal intelligence, many of the following statements apply to you:

you like and can work in a group

you easily establish social contacts

you have leadership skills

you are a communicative person

you can listen to what others have to say

you maintain assertiveness (the ability to refuse) when confronted, you can compromise, if necessary

you are a liked person

you take care of good relationships with other people

you are able to look at the world through the eyes of another person

you can empathize with the situation of other people and understand their problems

you can solve conflicts and do not allow them to build up

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