It is the ability to use spoken and written words, sensitivity to the meaning of words, rhymes, rhythms, sounds, melody of language, good auditory memory. People who are dominated by this kind of intelligence are able to express themselves beautifully in speech and / or in writing, they talk interestingly, they are willing to conduct discussions, they are able to clearly write down and share their thoughts with other people. They use rich vocabularies, readily learn and quickly remember new words, often have the ease of learning words in foreign languages, willingly ask questions, like to read, like “word plays”.

If you are a person who is dominated by linguistic intelligence, you can relate to many of the following statements:

you like to talk and listen to stories

you speak in a clear and understandable way to other people

you have a rich vocabulary

you can create original stories, interest listeners with what you are talking about

you have the ease of learning words in foreign languages

you are sensitive to the language’s melody, rhymes, sounds, the meaning of words

you can easily remember what you hear; you learn fast by listening to what other people are saying

you are willing to ask questions, you ask them if you do not know something

you can easily remember new words, also in foreign languages

you like to read

you like to recite, you can easily remember texts such as poems, songs, fragments of prose

you can write down your thoughts

you write in a clear and interesting way

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