It is the ability to understand yourself, set goals and achieve them consistently, understand and express your feelings and experiences, look at the world from your own point of view, as well as the ability to consciously plan and manage your own development. Individuals whose actions are based on intrapersonal intelligence are independent and resourceful, know and use their strengths, build internal motivation, have a rich internal life. They do not get bored without the company of others, while being “alone” with themselves, they do their favourite activities. They like to decide about themselves and live in harmony with themselves.

If you are a person who is dominated by intrapersonal intelligence, many of the following statements apply to you:

you like to work independently

you know and use your strengths

you easily build an internal motivation to achieve the intended goal

you are looking for answers to "difficult" questions, but you also have a lot of distance to yourself, you are not oversensitive / hypersensitive about yourself

you can clearly define your own goals by yourself

you like to make decisions by yourself

you are happy to stay and do not be bored in your own company, you do your favourite activities then

you are a resourceful, independent person

you understand and can express what you feel

you are interested in personal development, self-improvement

you like to decide about yourself

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