It is the understanding of the world of numbers and mathematical symbols, the ability to count efficiently, but also logical thinking, analysing, reasoning, creative problem solving. People who have this type of intelligence dominating are specific, inquisitive, accurate and organized, ask a number of questions and like precise instructions; they like to research and collect information themselves, then skilfully classify and prioritize this information, and then draw conclusions from it. They have the ability to see cause-and-effect relationships, organize and use available information, and group it, for example, according to some rules or features.
As early as in the first years of their childhood, they begin to understand the meaning of symbols. In their free time, they willingly play logical games and puzzles. They can creatively solve problems and have a sense of humour.

If you are a person who is dominated by mathematical and logical intelligence, many of the following statements apply to you:

you think logically
you like the established order of things
you like to receive specific instructions
you are a precise and inquisitive person
you like to research and collect information
you like logical games, puzzles and riddles
you skilfully rank, classify
you can draw conclusions by analysing the problem
you can easily see the connections of cause and effect
you have many questions about the surrounding world
you are happy to solve problems
you have the skill of creative and non-standard searching for and finding solutions to problems
you like to convert different things
you can easily classify or group according to some rules or features
you understand and easily remember the meaning of symbols
you are an accurate and organized person, you like to have everything planned