It is the awareness of your own body and a skilful use of it. People who have developed this type of intelligence understand and get to know the world mainly through movement, physical contact, direct experience and action. They like to be on the move, they are happy to do physical exercises, they learn quickly and easily various physical abilities. They often practice sports, have the ability to efficiently control movements, very good visual-kinesthetic coordination. One of its manifestations is also high manual efficiency (important, for example, for surgeons, dentists, craftsmen, sculptors and painters). Manually-gifted and manually-skilled people willingly do “manual work”, use body language during conversations. They have a good sense of their own body, distance and space. They often express emotions “with their whole body”.

If you are a person who is dominated by bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, many of the following statements apply to you:

you like physical exercise, and sport and movement are a source of joy and pleasure to you

you can easily learn different mobility skills; e.g. as a child, you have easily learned how to swim, ride a bike, play team games, etc.

you have a good sense of distance and space (e.g. you can estimate the distance to a specific place in the eye)

you are skilled (maybe gifted) manually - you can use different tools, accessories, objects

you have good bodily-kinesthetic coordination; your moves are certain, determined

you use the movement in a targeted and conscious manner

you have a good sense of your own body

sport allows you to release your emotions or energy

you are happy to do various jobs, for which you need, for example, precision of hands

during the conversation you use the body language, gesticulate, move

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